Facial Exercises Can Remove Skin Wrinkles!

It sounds almost too good to be true. Can you really remove wrinkles from your face by performing facial exercises that mobilize the facial muscles? Evidence is piling up to show that it’s really possible!

In the same way as you exercise the muscles of your body to strengthen and tone them, you can exercise the muscles of the face for strength and toning. You can get rid of the double chin that you think spoils your profile, and the pouchy jowls that are beginning to hang over your neck.

And, maybe best of all, you can reduce and eventually remove skin wrinkles that you thought would be part of your face forever.

It doesn’t cost you a penny, as opposed to all those expensive wrinkle creams and cosmetic surgeries. All it takes is some time, and the commitment to do the exercises every day.

Who Says So?

Several yoga instructors have recently developed their own styles of face exercises. Annelise Hagen, in her Manhattan studio, teaches what she calls “Face Yoga”; 2007 saw the publication of her book by that name.

Leta Koontz, owner of Schoolhouse Yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, incorporates facial yoga into her regular yoga classes. And Gary Sikorski, in Atlanta, Georgia, has developed “Happy Face Yoga”, and put out several instructional DVDs in addition to his book about the new practice.

All of these folks claim that their facial yoga regimens will, over time, remove wrinkles, if a person is serious about doing the exercises daily.

How Does It Work?

Face yoga and plain old facial muscle exercises strengthen and tone all the 57 muscles of the face, neck, and scalp, says Sikorski. When these muscles are properly toned, they’ll move back into the position that’s right for them. Sagging will be improved, and the exercises will remove skin wrinkles.

In the next article, we’ll look at some facial exercises to remove wrinkles from forehead. You’ll probably want to practice in front of a mirror, at least in the beginning, so as to be certain you’re getting the movements right.

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