The Secret Ingredient That Tops All The Best Home Remedies For Wrinkles

The best home remedies for wrinkles are easy to overlook. Many we know, but are too lazy to use.

Let’s take a look at one home remedy for wrinkles that is a tried and true way to prevent wrinkles, the natural way.

Water, the ultimate of all home remedies for wrinkles!

It’s More Than Just Drinking Your Water…

Okay, it’s not so much about the water as about dehydration. The Mayo Clinic recommends a daily intake of just over 2 liters for women to prevent dehydration; 3 liters for men (more if you are exercising heavily, or the atmosphere is sucking moisture from your skin.)

Some people have no problem drinking the proverbial 8 glasses a day. Others whimper forcing down one glass. Drinking actual water can be done – and should.

You might consider doing as they do in California, and carrying a water bottle around with you, sipping throughout the day and refilling as necessary.

If you don’t like disposable plastic bottles, get yourself one of those very cool stainless steel water bottles. It will keep your water at a pleasant temperature, and encourage you to drink more often.

Or do as I do: keep a couple of bottles of drinking water in the freezer, refilling each as you empty it. They melt down over several hours, and I have ice-cold water all day and all night long.

In Conclusion

Think of your body like a car battery – it runs out of juice unless topped up. Without water, nutrients aren’t dispersed, toxins clog your kidneys, and your skin becomes dry, dull and tired.

So make sure to drink enough water each day to keep your skin plump and smooth.

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